PPE isolation hoods to help in the fight against COVID-19

Project CC19™, a partnership unifying multiple small businesses in Illinois, has developed a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) isolation hood to fit onto supplied air respirators. Meeting healthcare and government standards, the hood is already being produced and shipped to hospitals across the nation to combat the coronavirus crisis.

"We believe we can create a positive ripple, helping one healthcare worker at a time. One hood at a time. Each hood allows a doctor or nurse to avoid catching the virus and, in turn, allows them to care for even more patients with COVID-19."

Jeremy Zobrist
Project CC19 CEO

Essential protection for healthcare and government workers

Project CC19™ is a joint effort between Robert Hermann, Jeremy Zobrist and a group of entrepreneurs from the Illinois community. Led by Hermann and Zobrist, a group of 11 engineers from four companies prototyped a PPE mask/shield design throughout a weekend and had production of PAPR units up and running within days.


The Project CC19™ hood connects to a 3M™ Versaflo™ Breathing Tube. The hood exterior is made of a Polyurethane Coated Polyester, while the hose adapter is made from Polyethylene.


The visor is made of PET, PETG or Polycarbonate, and covers approximately 412 sq. cm.


The headgear material is made up of Low Density Polyethylene with Polyurethane Cushion.

Made in the USA

The Project CC19™ isolation hood is proud to be designed and manufactured in the USA with materials sourced from the USA.


What is a PAPR hood?

A PAPR hood is a disposable piece of PPE that allows Heppa filtered air to be pumped into the hood creating a positive pressure environment keeping harmful pathogens out.

How many are available?

We are producing 2,000 units per day.

Who is a part of Project CC19™?

Project CC19™ is a tremendous coloration of several businesses in the furniture, injection molding, Ag equipment, Pharma equipment, and food processing sectors proving that teamwork can accomplish a lot.

What does a unit cost?

The units are $84 with quantity discounts available.

Is the unit FDA tested?

No, these units are intended for COVID relief only and are not intended for surgical use.

Is Project CC19 ™ not for profit?

No, bug we are a business dedicated to donating all profits.

Do you need volunteers?

Please see our Contact section for updated needs and email us if you believe you have ways to contribute.

Do you need financial contributions?

Please see our Contact section for updated needs and email us if you believe you have ways to contribute.

What has been the most encouraging thing?

Watching the business community see a need, pull together, prioritize and go the extra mile to work together and achieve un-thinkable timelines to help the healthcare system is the most amazing encouraging thing I’ve ever seen in my business career. We have an injection molding partner that turned a normal 8-12 week project and accomplish it in 6 days. We have an Ag equipment partner that offered some of their best engineering talents at the peak of their season. We have a pharma equipment partner that juggled priorities and put business needs on hold. We had sewing partners who put our project to the front of the queue and their workers were willing to come back just to help.

Contact Project CC19™

Project CC19™

Robert Herrmann or Jeremy Zobrist

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